2010-08-30 9:20 pm

It's all coming together, and we're just about set to get married in a little over a month!

If you've received an invitation for the ceremony, it will start at 2PM sharp, and we'll be having dinner afterwards in the late afternoon.

For the evening reception we have two live bands lined up, so we're quite excited! The ceilidh will begin around 7PM, followed by blues dancing late into the night. We intend to also have a bite to eat, and of course cake.

Everything is to be held on 10-10-10 at The Atrium, 10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, near the Usher Hall. Enter through the same doors as for the Traverse Theatre.

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Pay parking is available at the adjacent Castle Terrace Car Park, and it's also just next to Lothian Road, so really easy to get to by bus.

Please RSVP. You can add a comment below, email or, or you can phone us on 0131 260 9892. Please let us know if you are a vegetarian, or otherwise have any special dietary requirements.

If you're unable to come to our celebration in Edinburgh - or even if you are able to come - we're also planning a potluck picnic on 16-10-10 in Palo Alto. It'll be at Dr Edith Eugenie Johnson Park at 2PM. Bring friends. Bring food. Don't bring presents - our suitcases are small, and we're travelling on our honeymoon before going home!

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No RSVP is required for the Palo Alto celebration - it's in a public park, and you're bringing the food! We'd certainly be pleased to hear if you're coming though.

For those who have asked us about a gift list/registry, we've put one together for you to use at, but please don't feel obligated to get us anything! The best gift we could receive is your love and support as we embark on this new adventure together.

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  1. Thought we'd get in first
    (I knew the RSVP details from the invites first of course - but do hope you have still sent me one!!)
    We will be there! Wouldn't miss it.
    Love and Hugs
    Margot and Stephen

  2. I'll be at the picnic! I'm so excited to see you guys!

  3. I'll be there too! Looking forward to it :)

  4. Thanks for the invitation we would love to come ! Looking forward to seeing you both on the 10th.
    Harvey & Lorraine x

  5. Jamie and Em,

    Thank you so much for the invite and congratulations!! Sadly (partly), I will be mountaineering in the Everest region of Nepal for the entire month of October with Andrew and Ryan! We shall have to come visit you guys in the near future. Perhaps this winter or spring?


  6. Hi Jamie

    Thankyou very much for the evening invitation - we'd love to come.

    Look forward to seeing you both (and everyone else!) then. :o)

    Alex & Diane xx

  7. Awesome invite. Will be there!


  8. Jamie and Em,

    Thanks for the invite we would love to come.
    See you on the 10th


  9. Hi J

    Wouldn't miss it for the world. See you on the 10th.


  10. Jamie and Em,
    Looking forward to it, see you on 10/10/10 (42 in binary? ;)


  11. We're so sorry to have to miss the wedding in Scotland but can't wait for the reception in Palo Alto! Congrats to a great couple!

    ~Jeanne and Dan

  12. Thanks for the invite! We have found a babysitter so will be delighted to come along in the evening. Have a great day :)

    Kira and Elson

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