2010-08-30 9:20 pm

It's all coming together, and we're just about set to get married in a little over a month!

If you've received an invitation for the ceremony, it will start at 2PM sharp, and we'll be having dinner afterwards in the late afternoon.

For the evening reception we have two live bands lined up, so we're quite excited! The ceilidh will begin around 7PM, followed by blues dancing late into the night. We intend to also have a bite to eat, and of course cake.

Everything is to be held on 10-10-10 at The Atrium, 10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, near the Usher Hall. Enter through the same doors as for the Traverse Theatre.

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Pay parking is available at the adjacent Castle Terrace Car Park, and it's also just next to Lothian Road, so really easy to get to by bus.

Please RSVP. You can add a comment below, email or, or you can phone us on 0131 260 9892. Please let us know if you are a vegetarian, or otherwise have any special dietary requirements.

If you're unable to come to our celebration in Edinburgh - or even if you are able to come - we're also planning a potluck picnic on 16-10-10 in Palo Alto. It'll be at Dr Edith Eugenie Johnson Park at 2PM. Bring friends. Bring food. Don't bring presents - our suitcases are small, and we're travelling on our honeymoon before going home!

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No RSVP is required for the Palo Alto celebration - it's in a public park, and you're bringing the food! We'd certainly be pleased to hear if you're coming though.

For those who have asked us about a gift list/registry, we've put one together for you to use at, but please don't feel obligated to get us anything! The best gift we could receive is your love and support as we embark on this new adventure together.


2010-01-24 8:31 pm


Lots of things are coming together! We have a date for the wedding now - 10th of October 2010 (if you hadn't guessed). We have a venue - the tasty Atrium restaurant in Edinburgh, with the ceremony in their eponymous atrium. We also have an officiant ready - Marilyn Jackson, of the Humanist Society of Scotland. We almost have a band, and we're thinking about cake, too. We will also soon have the ability for Em to actually marry in Scotland - after we get her visa back from the Borders Agency. It's going to be great!


2010-01-24 8:15 pm

Engagement cards

Thank you, everyone, for all the engagement cards. We were touched by the outpouring of congratulations, and a little confused at the preponderance of teddy bears. This picture was taken before they'd all arrived, so if yours is missing, don't worry- we got it and it was also displayed on our mantelpiece for months. Thanks!


2009-09-20 9:04 pm

Engagement Ring

We went to a little antiques fair on Hanover Street today, and came across the perfect engagement ring. It's small and blue, and it fit perfectly without any adjustment. Em wore it out of the fair.

About the ring: It's an Edwardian (circa 1910) sapphire and diamond three-stone ring, set in platinum (around the stones) and yellow gold (the band). We're told that was common for the period - they had moved from the all-gold rings of the Victorian era, but still could not work platinum well enough to make the entire ring from it.


2009-09-07 8:30 pm

Five years and three apartments after we first met, we've decided to get married!

The two of usJamie is unaffected by the windIn the airport

We haven't decided on a date or location yet, but when we do, we'll post it here. It's all very exciting!